How Does Visiting Loved Ones Improve Their Health & Happiness?

Visiting loved ones in senior living communities offers numerous noticeable benefits. While these visits are fun and rewarding, they can actually leave a positive impact on seniors' health and happiness. Here are four ways visiting loved ones can keep them young, happy and healthy.

Show Your Loved Ones You Care

Your loved ones know you love and care about them no matter what. However, in-person visits can reinforce those positive feelings. Feeling loved and cared for is a great mood booster; visiting regularly reminds them you care about their wellbeing and shows you think about them even when you aren't around.

Check on Their Health and Wellbeing

While you may communicate with your loved ones frequently over the phone, in-person visits are the only true way to ensure they are happy and healthy. These visits allow you to check up on them and assess their overall wellbeing. You can see if anything has changed about them since your last visit and determine if they need any kind of additional assistance.

Remember and Create Fond Memories

Visits with family are the perfect time to reminisce about your favorite memories. Bringing up fond experiences and stories will improve your parents' moods and keep them engaged. Bring in a photo album or home video to celebrate those happy times. And, every time you visit you can create new memories that you'll all enjoy looking back on. Plan an exciting activity for your visits, like those found here, to make them fun and memorable.

Keep Seniors Socially Connected

Maintaining social interactions is linked to improved health and happiness in seniors. Spending time with your loved ones with keep them socially connected and engaged.

These are four ways visiting family in senior living communities can help them stay healthy and happy. If you're looking for a new home for your loved one, find retirement communities here.


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