5 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day with Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner. Spending some quality time with dad is much more special than any gift you could buy him. So, this Father's Day celebrate your father and his enduring love with one of these exciting activities.

  1. Go to the ballpark. Baseball is America's favorite pastime, and there's nothing better than enjoying a good game on a beautiful day. If a Major League game is not an option, then consider watching a minor league or community team play.
  1. Play a round of golf. If the weather's nice, you could also treat dad to a round of golf. Not only is golf enjoyable, but also it offers numerous physical and mental health benefits. If you have young children and want to get the whole family involved, then go mini golfing instead.  No matter what course you choose, you and dad will be sure to have a great time.
  1. Dine at his favorite restaurant. Everyone has a favorite restaurant. So, why not surprise dad with a trip to his favorite eatery? Whether he's fond of a local café, seafood bar, or steakhouse, it's always fun to bond over some great food.
  1. Utilize his community's amenities. Nowadays, many retirement communities in Georgia and across the country offer the same four- or five-star amenities as first-class hotels and resorts. Your father's senior living community may have a luxury swimming pool and spa and offer on-site entertainment. Utilize these amazing amenities that are right in front of you and give your dad a Father's Day celebration he'll never forget.
  1. Have a movie night. Everyone loves movies, and I'm sure it's something you and your dad often bond over. Plan a movie night with popcorn and a marathon of his favorite films. Or, bring a bunch of new releases that you and your dad have yet to see. You can discuss the plot stories and characters after watching the films.

These are five great ways you can celebrate Father's Day with your dad. No matter which activities you choose, just remember to make the day all about him and to tailor the plans to his interests.


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