5 Reasons Senior Communities Are Better Than Living Alone

Today's senior living community is a vibrant place that feels more like a luxury resort or cruise ship, and less like the drab, boring facility many people envision. With all the modern services and amenities these communities have to offer, it's no wonder more and more seniors prefer them to on their own. Here are some reasons why senior communities trump living alone.

Worry-Free Living

There's a lot that comes with a owning a home. Homeowners are tasked with the long list of maintenance tasks, from fixing the leaky faucet, to mowing the lawn, to shoveling the driveway. Seniors no longer need to worry about these responsibilities at senior communities. In many senior living communities, the maintenance fee is included in the monthly rent fee. Seniors also enjoy the convenience of paying one fee for all the services they receive from the community. No more paying a separate bill for the mortgage, electricity, water, phone, and cable.

Social Engagement & Activities

As described in a former blog post, it's very important for seniors to stay social. Seniors who live alone have few opportunities for socialization. Those who live in senior communities are surrounded by others their age and have access to a plethora of social activities. There's always someone to talk to and something to do, so seniors never feel isolated or lonely.

Improved Physical Activity

Like with social engagement, it's important for seniors to remain physically active. Senior communities offer a variety of physical activities for seniors, from swimming and water aerobics, to gardening and nature walks. These types of activities are fun and keep seniors healthy and fit.

Better Food & Nutrition

It can be difficult for seniors to eat healthy when living alone. At assisted living communities, seniors don't need to worry about cooking, grocery shopping, or even brewing their own coffee or tea. These communities provide seniors with delicious and wholesome gourmet meals based on their dietary needs and preferences.  Residents who were eating poorly on their own often turn their nutrition around once moving into their new home.

Peace of Mind for Families

Senior communities provide families with peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in a safe environment, where they can get the care and service they need.

With these great benefits, it's easy to see why many seniors prefer senior communities over living alone. You may be thinking: can my loved one get all of this from a senior living community near me? The answer is yes! To find a senior community near you that suits your loved one's needs, visit us online at SilverFox.care.


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