Preparing for Your Move to a Senior Community

Are you moving to a senior living community? While moving to a new home can be super exciting, it requires careful planning and preparation. At Silver Fox, we're sharing some helpful tips to insure your move go smoothly.

Work Out the Details

Moving to a new community takes more than just packing up your things and moving in. There are several other things you need to tend to, such as what to do with your current home. Will you be putting it on the market or renting it out? What about your car? Does your senior living community have a reliable public transportation system? These are some important details you need to figure out and handle before you plan your move.

As for your new space, you'll need to insure you've completed all the necessary paperwork and made any required payments. Keep a file of all the documentation, including the receipts.

Allow Yourself Enough Time

Moves take time, especially if you're severely downsizing. Schedule enough time to pack up your belongings and sell or donate the things you don’t wish to take with you. There's a lot to do, so start planning your relocation once you choose a senior community.

Create a Plan

Moving is a big process, so break it up into different stages to make it more manageable. Create a plan that's realistic and doable. For instance, start by taking inventory of your belongings and deciding what will move with you. Take measurements of your new home so you know what furniture will be best suited for the space. Then, go through each room in your home, one by one, to remove clutter and get organized. Set aside boxes for items you wish to keep, sell, donate and discard. If you'll need a professional mover or truck rental, it's best to schedule it in advance. To accomplish everything that needs to get done, create a general month-by-month plan with specific weekly tasks.

Ask for Help

Don't be afraid to reach out to others for help. Call on your family, friends and neighbors to help you sort through your things, pack and make any needed arrangements. They'll be happy to help!

For a successful move, be sure to consider these helpful tips. Still looking for the perfect senior living community? Visit to find assisted living facilities that fit your needs, preferences and lifestyle.

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