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As a care provider, we understand the importance of keeping your communities full and providing superior service and care to your residents. We also know that your budget is the cornerstone of your business. Silver Fox is different from other resident referral services in that:

1) Silver Fox offers a cash-back rebate to newly admitted residents, which helps the resident reduce their initial costs when moving into a participating community. Participating communities receive unlimited resident referrals for FREE, with absolutely no risk. Communities pay a success fee only in the event a SilverFox referral moves into the community.

2) Silver Fox not only provides referrals, we provide the training and tools to help improve your community's conversion rate, resulting in reduced marketing expenses and increased occupancy!

3) Silver Fox provides communities with an online referral tracking tool which allows staff to track referrals, add referrals received through other channels, keep custom notes on each prospect, and track the sales process. Access this at your desk or on your mobile device.

4) Based on individual community results, Silver Fox custom-recommends training videos, helping build staff skills allowing them to work smarter, not harder.

5) Silver Fox training videos offer tips from industry veterans so you can deliver the highest quality of care and service possible to your residents. Learn what has worked for the best in the industry, and implement it in your community today!

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